Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching up

So much has happened. Life and death go on without regard to gender or agenda. My dad died on November 4, 2010. He went peacefully. Basically his breathing slowed down and his breathing did the same and eventually they both just stopped and then his heart stopped. I was at his bedside praying with him and for him. Mom was there too, she was having her own struggle watching the drama of dad's passing. I actually look at dying as a different version of birth. We leave our mother's womb when we are born into this life. When we die in this life we are actually born into the next eternal life. I know many people don't believe there is eternal life, but I do. I believe that when our earthly body stops (dies) our spirit enters into the eternal setting. Then upon arrival there our eternal fate is determined by what we believe and have done. God has reached down to us through His son, Jesus, to offer us a relationship with himself. He loves all of us so much He is willing to die for us to bring us into a relationship with Him. All we have to do is believe and accept this gift and we can spend eternity with Him.
My dad did accept Jesus' gift and believed in Him and now I have peace of mind knowing that my dad is in heaven. That made the days of funeral prep and planning so much easier. I miss my dad, but I am comforted knowing that he is in Heaven.