Sunday, October 26, 2008

God hears and answers prayers.

A while back our pastor preached about how God answers prayers. Sometimes His answer is "no." Sometimes His answer is "yes." Sometimes His answer is "yes, but not now." I have come to realize this to be true in the various prayers that I have prayed over my lifetime. Sometimes it takes quite a while before the answer is realized and sometimes it is quick. I have experienced all of the three answers listed above. Today I experienced an unmistakable answer to one of my prayers. My prayer was that my daughter would find a church home. She expressed to me recently that she had been attending a local church that made her feel welcome and special. I accepted her answer and support her decision though I knew that I would miss not having her with us on Sundays. I pray daily for her and for her family. This morning as we were sitting in church waiting for the service to begin I could not have been more overwhelmed with joy when I saw her enter the aisle and sit beside me. As we began the praise and worship part of the service my heart was in my throat with thanks to God for hearing me and understanding that I miss my girls when they are not with me. I felt so blessed that she would pick this day to join us in worship. Thank you, Lord, for a joyous and pleasant day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Grandson Jack has two new teeth.

Grandson Jack has two new teeth in the front on the bottom. He does this thing with his lower lip when he plays with his new teeth. He looks so cute and funny when he does this. Gary and I are sitting on the sofa next to him watching this. Gary is laughing so hard when Jack sees him that Jack starts to laugh too. October 23, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heartwarming video of Christian the Lion reunion

This is such an impressive video of showing how animals know and show affection.

Christmas in September

In mid September I was wondering through our local pet shop looking for things for my freshwater aquarium. I turned the corner and saw it! I salt water tank with SEAHORSES! I love seahorses! I am an avid scuba diver and during each dive I take time out to search for seahorses. I have been able to see a few. I have an amazing story about how I found my first seahorse. That is another whole blog. Anyway, I spoke to the shop owner for about 45 minutes about the tank and seahorses. She assured me that the aquarium industry has taken steps to make salt water tanks very user friendly and that with my experience in freshwater tanks and the chores involved in maintaining them that I could handle the tasks of a salt water tank. The only reason I would have a salt water tank is if I could have seahorses. Gary said he thought it would be fine and it could be my early Christmas present so I bought them and made arrangements to bring them home later that week. There are three seahorses. Two females and one male. This photo is of one of the females. The tank sits in the family room next to the tv. Gary watches tv and I watch the seahorses. We have spent a lot of time in front of the tank watching these remarkable creatures. I found a website on the internet all about them and have spent a few hours scouring for inforamtion. I am so hooked. I don't think I have enjoyed anything as much as these seahorses. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and amazingly find my way to the 'tank' and watch them in the dark. There is a small black light on their tank that gives them a little moonlight effect during the night. Last night they were playing! It was so cool to watch them frolick around each other back and forth in the tank. Swimming back and forth and round and round. After a few minutes of watching them I force myself back to bed. Then when I look at them in the morning they are all asleep during the sun up hours. Between spending time playing with Jack and watching my seahorses I am having a lovely time. I am blessed and know it. These little creatures are just one amazing thing that we have seen while scuba diving. Things on the top side of the ocean are beautiful and amazing and it is a whole new world down under the surface. Things so amazing and unique you have to see it to believe it.

Life Is Good

I have been able to spend some quality time with my first grandson, Jack. He is so much fun. We play and play, laugh and laugh until we both need a nap and fall asleep on the big easy chair. Life is good. A life of leisure is not what I want. I want to play with my kids and grandkids, travel, play and give God thanks for all my blessings. After Jack and I play my arms and back ache from lifting him, bouncing and swinging round and round. Pamela comes to the rescue with massage and keeps me going for the next time. Thanks, Pamela. I love you. ~