Monday, March 10, 2008

Uncharted terriroty

Grandchildren. That is a big word. Grandparents. That is also a big word. It is a step up from parents. One generation up to be specific. I am contemplating how my life is about to change. I am going to have a grandson in the near future. Today was ultrasound day just before the regular weekly OB visit. We were running a few minutes later than I wanted to but we arrived at the ultrasound place in time to see most of the procedure. I don't know how they can make sense of all the 'stuff' they see on the monitor, but the technician told us what we were looking at. Jack definately is a little baby boy, so she pointed out. We saw his heart, kidneys, bladder, stomach, head, hands, legs and a bunch of stuff I have no idea what it was. But it was all Jack. I have never been in this position...about to become a grandmother to someone so special. Friends tell us our lives will never be the same. I don't know how to translate that, but I am ready for the task. Whatever Jack calls me will be my title for him. How he refers to me. Living in the 'house of Mouse' I am positive he and I will have lots of fun playing on days when he comes over to see me.
There are only a few weeks, days really, until his arrival. I am limiting my appointments and travel until after his arrival. I want to be available for when he decides to make his appearance. This is a very exciting time for me. I have never experienced this before. I am looking forward to this. Words are inadequate to apply to this event.