Saturday, April 24, 2010


Is it possible to love someone so much your heart aches with growing pains? Yes, because I feel it every day. The love I have for my family grows each moment. I think I see dimly now how God feels about us, his adopted children. I know how it was possible for him to sacrifice himself for our sake. To save us from ourselves. I was thinking today what I would do if it came down to sacrificing myself to save one of them. I know I would not hesitate to save them if it meant giving my own life. I would spend eternity knowing I did the right thing, to give them an opportunity to experience this kind of love as their families grow. And how is it possible to have found the one man who would fit me so perfectly? Again, it is God loving me that made that happen. It is no mistake that I am married to Gary and no other man who came into my life. And it is by God's design that he is the father of my children and Grandfather to my hearts joy...Jack. God has answered so many of my prayers in ways that I cannot mistake them as His answers and not happenstance or luck of the draw. Sometimes his answers are so precise that I know it his action that made something happen or not happen depending on the specific prayer. When I pray for something specific I ask that He make it plain and obvious that it is from Him, and he does just that. My God is an amazing and wonderous God.